Final blog

After the course, I think that I learned a lot of things that I thought it was difficult for me to know. I learned how to prepare for a radio show. In the past, I just thought it was simple but after the course, I found that even though the show was only about 60 minutes, it was well prepared from content to music and set up schedule (running sheet). For me, this is probably a very interesting experience that I previously thought it was not necessary for my career in the future. Besides, the timetable for studying and practicing is quite flexible, I can practice many times, learn and improve my skill from teachers and friends. Group work is also a good chance for me to improve my communication. We listen and contribute ideas to create better recordings. In addition, I have the opportunity to broadcast live radio shows which for me is a challenge as well as a valuable experience when working in a professional environment. However, I realize that I need to be more self-confident and active in roles such as producer and presenter. In short, this course is a great experience, I get experience for myself and know the skills that I need to improve.


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