Project 4 – On air show

My group finished the first RWAV show on May, 8th. In general, we satisfied with the quality of the show. In my opinion, I think I did better as a panel operator. We practiced several times before broadcasting to avoid confusion and errors during on air. It can be said that we have carefully prepared the running sheet (content and duration). We have prepared songs on CD for me to adjust easily. Not only that we printed the running sheet and highlight each section for each person. Although the time during on air was not exactly accurate, we quickly adjusted the length of the next sections without affecting much on the running sheet.

After the show, we received feedback from Elizabeth. I learned that, as a presenter, we should not repeat the interviewee (guest)’s name as well as ask how to pronounce their name during on air, we should know exactly how to pronounce their name before the show to avoid causing boredom for the audience. In addition, the presenter should not ask the interviewees/guests how to contact with them as well as their social network account (Facebook, Instagram, website and etc). Instead, the presenter should directly provide that information to the audience. That makes the interviewee/guest feel more respected. I also learned a lot during this show, such as the transition from interview to song. In case the sound of the beginning of the song is soft and long, I should start playing the song when the presenter introduces to the song to prevent the audience feel the song is too long and boring.

To sum up, we succeeded in creating an interview as a conversation. This makes the listener feel more comfortable and attracted to the interview.


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