Project Three: Interview and annotated 1st show

In my opinion, this individual interview is good. Because I managed the time well and the content followed almost exactly in the running sheet. However, I’m still not really satisfied because of some reasons:

  • I find it is difficult to control a panel and computers and follow the schedule at the same time. Although I felt quite confident as a panel operator during the group work before, when I did individual interview, I felt quite confused. I had to do it repeatedly to make the transition in the interview becomes smoother and to make sure that my interviewee knows when she should start so we can avoid “silent moments”.
  • I realized that despite the preparation of the running sheet carefully but we always ready to change to content and time flexibility for interviewee as well as interviewer. During this interview, since my interviewee talked more than what I expected so I had to cut down 1 sting to ensure we did not get over 10 minutes.
  • I had a problem in the end of the show because I was not sure how to wrap up naturally. I had to practice a few times for the ending.
  • Besides that, I had a problem with exporting the audio. I searched on the Internet how to do it but I was still cannot find out so I asked one of the staffs in the studio for help.
  • There are some “silent moments” during the interview because we were confused what to say and who will say first.

Although the interview only lasted 10 minutes, it was a challenge for me because sometimes I was not sure what the guest would say and how long it would take so I must focus on the schedule as well as to continue the topic in the right way. Also, I need to be calm when I control the panel and computers because if I get confused it will affect the whole show.

I think this is a very enjoyable and precious experience because I had the opportunity to create my own show as the way I want and I can solve problem when unexpected situations happen without depends on group. Moreover, I can put myself in many positions such as panel operator, producer, presenter and then I can find out what skills that I need to learn and improve. After this individual assessment, I realized that I should practice more, especially interviewing skills.

Click here to listen the Individual Interview


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