Blog 3 (2nd Demo)

My group had recorded the 2nd demo to replace the 1st one. We expected that the 2nd would be better both in content and technique but after completion we were not satisfied with its quality. Firstly, because the content has not been accurately segmented for presenters so we are still confused when we do not know who will talk first and then who is next. Moreover, we recorded four presenters instead of two presenters like in the 1st Demo so that made more difficult for me to control the mic between them. The second is the technique, although I have practiced a few times but I still made mistakes. I turned off the mic before the presenters finish the interview. During the 2nd demo, we tried to copy the songs to the CD but we cannot so we used USB and opened it on the computer. The transition between content and song was not smooth. Besides, I find it difficult to control when two songs are played successively on a computer. In addition, despite having prepared the content thoroughly but we have not managed well in time, we missed the 7-minute interview and then we had to fill in with a pretty long song to ensure the duration 60 minutes of the program. After finishing the 2nd Demo, we decided to continue to do another demo until we were satisfied with it.


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