Final blog

After the course, I think that I learned a lot of things that I thought it was difficult for me to know. I learned how to prepare for a radio show. In the past, I just thought it was simple but after the course, I found that even though the show was only about 60 […]

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Project 4 – On air show

My group finished the first RWAV show on May, 8th. In general, we satisfied with the quality of the show. In my opinion, I think I did better as a panel operator. We practiced several times before broadcasting to avoid confusion and errors during on air. It can be said that we have carefully prepared […]

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Blog 4

Our team did the Demo again because the previous version was not recorded. Before we did, we tried a short recording to make sure the demo was recorded in Audacity. On this time, we had a slight edit on the content. I also feel more satisfied with the quality of this recording. Compare to the […]

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Blog 3 (2nd Demo)

My group had recorded the 2nd demo to replace the 1st one. We expected that the 2nd would be better both in content and technique but after completion we were not satisfied with its quality. Firstly, because the content has not been accurately segmented for presenters so we are still confused when we do not […]

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Blog 2 – Project 2

I had the opportunity to hear the Demo from other groups and their analysis of it. I realize that most of us are still in the process of learning how to use the panel as well as creating more interesting interviewing material. Therefore, most of us have a problem with techniques such as volume, switching […]

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Blog 1 – 1st Demo

DEMO ANNOTATION (Link to Demo) In my opinion, our group demo is good. However, I was a panel operator, I realized that the transitions between the parts of the interview are not smooth and uneven. There are a few “quiet moments” during the interview because I had to controlled between devices. Besides, I was too […]

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